Earn More With A Property Management Company You Can Trust

Owner Services:

  • Home Inspections Between Guests

  • Manage Vendors

  • Digital Marketing

  • Noise & Video Monitoring

  • Manage Rental Permits and Contracts

  • Maintenance & Ordering Supplies

Guest Services:

  • Responding to Guest Questions 24/7

  • Concierge Services / Upselling Activities

  • Private Chef / Stocking Fridge

  • Guest Vetting & Background Checks

  • Resolving Trip Issues & Damages

  • Daily Dynamic Pricing

Why APEK Rentals?

-Our business model is simply to focus on the one thing many vacation rental companies are failing to do in our community: always putting the customer first.

-For our renters, we provide first-rate customer service and sincerely strive to satisfy all of our renter’s needs. Our industry is, in large part, based on reviews and we want to ensure that guests are completely satisfied when they leave your property.

-For our homeowners, we use third-party service providers for all repairs for your property and do not upcharge our customers for these services. We pay at cost, exactly what is reflected on your statement at the end of each month.

-Multiple levels of insurance: Company level, third-party booking, personal commercial homeowner protection (we will provide instructions).

-Increase the resale value of your home by establishing a “rental history,” making your property attractive to investors and other part-time residents while developing a profitable business for retirement

-A smaller, personal, more accessible vacation rental company, which allows flexibility for each client’s unique needs.

How Much Can I Earn?

The short answer is simple: “Probably more than you think.”

The Greater Palm Springs area has experienced a renaissance over the past few years and our area is now appealing to a different demographic. With the addition of popular music festivals and events, we are seeing a new type of traveler—trending younger and wealthier—who prefers using a vacation rental over a traditional hotel experience. Many travelers find vacation rental properties to be a much more appealing and cost-effective method of travel.

As a result, it is not uncommon for our homeowners to gross a considerable amount of money while still being able to occupy their property part-time. Often, our homeowners are able to pay off their entire mortgage for the year with the revenue generated from using their home as a vacation rental, while still using their property whenever they want. This represents the best of both worlds when your property might otherwise be vacant!

How Do I Get Started?

The process to get started is quite simple:

  • We meet you, or you provide us access to your home.
  • We provide a conservative estimate of what we think your property will earn as a short-term rental on a yearly basis.
  • We provide you with a list of items that are needed in the property to make it rent-able and a list of recommended items that will make it more marketable.

Who We Are

We specialize in turning your home into a personal boutique hotel, creating passive income for you and a memorable stay for your guests. We take pride in allowing our owners to enjoy their valuable time, while we take the wheel and drive your prized assets to success. We are a full-service company that strives to create a 5-star experience for every single guest, and our main goal is to make sure the only work you have to do is cash your checks.

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